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The Craftsmen

Your house is just a shell. Inside is your home. The meaning of home is developed by your experience inside those walls. Much of your experience at home surrounds your relationships with others. And much of your relationships with others surrounds food: holiday dinners, birthday parties, morning coffee, afternoon tea and more often than not, just the daily family meals.

But it’s not just one meal after another. It is the way you experience life at home. The people at Foxcraft Cabinets are just like you. They know the pleasure of entertaining guests with a functional (and well appointed) kitchen. They also know the frustration (and embarrassment) when it is otherwise. In the everyday kitchen duties, there’s a big difference between a drawer that sticks versus a drawer that slides properly every time. Small dysfunctions can add up to a lot of pain and energy in just one day, let alone a month or a year. Your kitchen should free you to devote your thoughts and time to others. So it must dovetail with the way you function. It must be designed and decorated to inspire you.

Are you a stickler for details? Don’t worry. The Fox family is calm, collected and scrupulous in perfecting the design, construction and finishing of their cabinets. High quality materials are acquired. Each board is selected and graded individually. Panels are cut with precision. Cabinets are constructed individually and thoroughly inspected before applying the finish. Hours and hours are invested to finish your cabinets to acute perfection.

Most cabinets today are made in a factory. Even most “custom” cabinets are built on assembly lines. There is nothing wrong with that per se. But that is not Foxcraft. Foxcraft operates like the tradesmen from early America. You know, you went to the local cobbler for shoes. The cobbler measured your right foot and made your right shoe to fit your right foot. He also measured your left foot and made your left shoe to fit your left foot. The cobbler’s hand guided every piece of the work. And you had happier feet because your shoes were made just for you. And if they didn’t fit you went back and got them adjusted. And you didn’t need to file a warranty claim form either. Best of all it meant more to you than just shoes because the cobbler was your neighbor and friend. And you knew he left a piece of his heart in your pair of shoes.

Foxcraft cabinets are built by boys (now men) who were “raised in the cabinet shop.” There is something about a young eye’s observation and fascination with a trade that empowers them to excel.

Foxcraft stays abreast with developments in the cabinetry world. When a better way is tested and proven they adapt it. Sometimes it comes from the cabinetry world at large and sometimes from their own exploration.

Foxcraft holds an impeccable record for on-time delivery. Realistic scheduling promises means that you can plan your schedule with confidence.

At The First Meeting In Our Showroom, Design Concepts Are Discussed And Preliminary Color Schemes Are Explored
Based On Your Input And Preliminary Ideas, Our Designer Will Create A Cabinetry Design To Fit Your Home
Parts Are Being Cut To Length On The Upcut Saw
Cut Parts Are Being Stacked Onto A Cart
A Beaded Face Frame Joint Is Being Checked To Make Sure Everything Is Fitting Correctly
Now The Joint Is Being Glued For Assembly
The Craftsman Is Routing An Edge Profile Onto The Board
The Wood Chips Are Falling As The Edge Profile Is Carefully Milled Into The Board
Assembled Face Frames Are Put Through The Wide Belt Sander To Ensure That All The Joints Are Sanded Flush
A Plywood Part Is Cut On The Sliding Table Saw
After The Part Is Cut It Is Labeled For Identification
The Cutlist And Corresponding Labels Are Placed  Above The Saw, Ready For The Next Project.
The Craftsman Is Cutting A Dadoo (or groove) Into The Cabinet Side.
The Cabinet Side Is Being Fit Into The Dadoo On The Face Frame
The Part Is Carefully Glued Before Assembly To Ensure A Strong Cabinet.
The Cabinet Parts Are Sitting Beside The Glue Bottle Waiting To Be Added To Their Place
The Bottom Of The Cabinet Is Being Clamped To The Face Frame
The Cabinet Back Had Been Fitted Into The Dadoos And Is Now Being Fastened With Staples
Here Is The Cabinet, Almost Completed
All The Parts Are Fitting In Their Place Like Puzzle Pieces
The Doors Are Being Sanded And Prepared For Finishing
Inspection Lights Are Used For Quality Control
The Edge Of The Door Is Hand Sanded Under Bright Inspection Lighting To Ensure A Quality Job
Hand Sanding is Used To Touch Up The FIne Details Of This Carved Molding
The Door Is Being Bored To Accept The Hinge.
The Hole For The Hinge Is Drilled
The Finish Is Carefully Mixed With A Catalyst To Provide Extra Hardness And Resitance to Household Chemicals
The Cabinet Is Being Sprayed With A Paint
Spraying Paint On The Cabinet Side
Spraying The FInishing Touches Onto The Edge Of The Frame