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The Creativity

What does it take to design well functioning and beautiful cabinetry? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The ideal for you is not the ideal for your next-door neighbor. It is a very personal matter. How can someone who doesn’t even know you design cabinets for you? They can’t. Well, they can, but the result will not be what it should be.

The people at Foxcraft truly get to know you. It’s like having a family member build your kitchen. So many questions go back and forth in the design consultations that you really get to know each other well. This knowledge is extraordinarily important. Your kitchen must be designed to function according to your kitchen use habits. What do you do most? What is important to you visually and functionally? You see, it’s one thing to design a kitchen from an interior designer’s perspective. It’s a completely different discipline to engineer a kitchen to function smoothly around your personal habits. We’re talking about things like “Where should the waste can cabinet be placed?” and “Should that door open from the left or the right?” and “How about hiding a spice rack behind this fluted column?” And by the time the design is complete you are excited! You already sense the function and atmosphere in the kitchen! Now just a warning – it takes patience from here on! Foxcraft cabinets are not slapped together in a few days.

Double pullout waste or recycle drawer
Revolving Lasy Susan Shelves
A Counter Height Drawer With A Silverware Divider
Tall Pantry With Pull-Out Shelves For Easy Access To Your Contents
This Carved Island Corbel Adds Decoration And Provides Support For The Countertop
A Custom Mantel Shelf With Carved Front And Side
Two Drawers Are Combined Into One To Create A Hidden File Drawer
A Detail Photo Of This Stained And Glazed Cherry Door . The Panel Has Open Louvers To Allow Air Flow For The Computer Tower
Bun Feet On A Bathroom Vanity
Paint And Glazed Doors WIth Beaded Center Panels
Appliances Are Hidden Behind The Cabinet Doors
Corner Post On The Island Is Prepared For An Electrical Outlet
A Small Drawer Combined With An Open Bookshelf Above An In Kitchen Desk Provides Attractive Storage
Cooking Condiments Are Stored Behind A Pull Out Post
A Raised Diamond Panel On A Walnut Door
Pullout Spice Storage Beside The Range
The Dishwasher Has A Matching Cabinet Panel To Disguise It As Cabinetry
A Closeup Look At The Inset Door Stopping Against The Soft Close Block
A Hood With Pillars Coming Down To The Countertop Create A Cooking Zone. The Pillars Contain Pull Out Shelving To Store Cooking Supplies
Dimmable LED Lighting Is Integrated Into The Cabinets. These Provide Bright Task Lighting And When Dimmed Provide A Soft Ambient Light
Pull Out Drawers Allow Easy Access To Lower Cabinets
Pull-Out Posts Provide Organized Storage Right Where It Is Needed
Why Dig And Strecth Into The Back Of A Small Cabinet When You Can Pull It Out For Easy Access?
Carved Island Corbels Provide Beauty And Support
Black Rope Molding Gives A Decorative Contrast To The Cherry Cabinetry
Glaze Highlights The Decorative Panel And Beaded Frame On This Medicine Cabinet
A Close Look At The Basket Weave Post And Beaded Inset Doors
Apothecary Drawers Open As Doors To Provide Concealed Appliance Storage
This Cabinet Has A Lighted Top Opening For Display
A Pantry Cabinet With Pull Out Drawers
Sink Cabinet Is Bumped Forward With A Half Post In the Corner
Ceiling To Countertop Cabinet In The Laundry Conceals A Laundry Chute From The Upstairs